Get Your Kicks on Route 66

28 March 2015

SIG: Travel

Colin Smith of South East Region joined the Travel Group in February and has just posted an Album of his trip along Route 66 in the USA. Having spotted the Facebook Post that it is a proposed 2016 trip in our Diary, he offered an article which he had originally written for Tonbridge Camera Club, his local club, extolling the virtues of Route 66 for photographers.


He begins - When I told people I was going to take a three week holiday driving along Route 66 in the US I was asked either one of two questions. “Are you going to be doing it on a Harley Davidson?” was one, the other question being “What are you driving? A Mustang or a Corvette?”


Colin's article is the first in our new section - Trip Reports and we look forward to hearing from you if you have written a similar article about your travels with a corresponding album in the gallery.


Thanks Colin!


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Raju Sinha
29 March 2015

Dear Sir,
Travelling broadens our minds. Route 66 is a wonderfull chapter in our history.

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