April's bi-monthly competition winners.

07 May 2019

SIG: Documentary

Congratulations to the winners April's round of the Documentary Group's bi-monthly competition. You can see the full gallery on the Society's website (link)

Families resetting by Jo Haycock

Families Resetting is a personal project I started earlier of this year. It's an ongoing project exploring families that have been thrown a curve ball in life but have overcome and have made life changes regardlessly. I hope to show the resilience of the family unit and what their day-to-day unique ordinary looks like. To explore and compare the same issues families may have dealt with say, 50 years ago.

The Art of Pain by Lorraine Poole LRPS

I took this shot whilst at my favourite tattoo shop in Bournemouth. As a photography addict I also took my Canon EOS 6D with me. I shot quite a few images, and this one attached is of Leon performing his tattoo magic on a very serious looking young man. I chose this shot as I love the intense concentration on the tattoo artists face as he works the ink and needles into the skin of the sitter, creating a spectacular work of art. The sitter, meanwhile, looks a tad pained yet stoic and psyched for spending the next 4 hours or so in the chair!

Joy by Rolf Kraehenbuehl

This image may not document a significant or historical event, and I’m not sure if it is an accurate reflection of everyday life, as life is not always funny (sigh!), but I like this candid shot showing a moment of joy and laughter of four young people. If only there were more such moments!