February's bi-monthly competition winners.

18 March 2019

SIG: Documentary

Congratulations to the winners of the first round of the Documentary Group's bi-monthly competition of 2019. You can see the full gallery on the Society's website (link).

Stonemason at work by Rev Graham Evans LRPS

This was taken outside York Minster of one of the Minster’s team of stonemasons. It is part of a series of shots taken around the minster of tourists and people who work in the area. The masons are such wonderful artists and he was concentrating so much on his work that I couldn’t resist the shot.

Charlie by Ann Chown ARPS

I saw Charlie on Broadway, New York, and was struck by the large cigar he was smoking. It was early in the morning and he was uncovering a huge pile of secondhand books and records ready to sell. I asked him about the cigar and he told me it came from Honduras and that he hoped it would last about two hours. He was happy for me to take his picture - I took several, some of him looking into the camera lens, but I thought this one of him setting out his stall was stronger. When we said goodbye he shook my hand.

Donkey Rides Scarborough 2019 by Valerie Mather LRPS

I went to Scarborough at half term wanting to capture something of the timelessness of this place. Whilst we live in a fast changing world, full of technology, there is something refreshingly simple about the penny amusement arcades, the donkey rides for children and watching families playing games of rounders on the seafront. These are still the main attractions today in Scarborough, especially for the young. The man leading the donkey is now a retired schoolteacher and he has been doing this on and off for over fifty years, man and boy. He works with 11 donkeys and returned to the business after his wife died. He chatted to me about how the donkeys like to run and play together when they are not working and his enthusiasm for the animals was infectious. I took a few images over a couple of hours as I wanted to capture his typical day. I chose this one because I see the joy passing between the boy and this man and the reflected pleasure in the boy's mother .