DIG Thames Valley

  • Central Station the Hague

    by André Bergmans

  • Life on the Edge - Death Valley

    by Janet Haines ARPS

  • Long-tailed Macaque

    by Jeff Whitehill

The Thames Valley Centre holds eight full day Sunday events a year with a break in the summer. These are a mixture of tutorial, educational, practical and competition sessions, with some of the most experienced names in the world of digital photography, and cover a wide range of skill levels. Read more→


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22 November 2018

Canine adventures in a world of composites

Multi award winning photographer Tracy Willis shows that when it comes to composites the only limit is in the mind of the photographer. Pigs may not fly but dogs definitely can after a studio session with Tracy!

27 October 2018

High Tides in the Thames Valley

Multi award winner Rachael Talibart gives DIG Thames Valley a guide to making the most of coastal locations. Known for her iconic 'Sirens' Rachael wowed the audience with her stunning prints and projected images.


Alan Bousfield ARPS

DIG Thames Valley Centre Organiser
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