About Us

Formerly the 'Victorian Chapter', our Chapter was renamed at the beginning of 2013. For many years it has been the only active RPS Chapter in Australia and has encouraged members in other States to join it, participate in its activities whenever possible, receive its monthly Newsletter, and benefit from being part of The Society's presence in Australia. Recognising this wider role, the Chapter has now been formally renamed the 'Australian Chapter'.

The Chapter has been in existence since 1986 and is one of the most active of the RPS Overseas Chapters. We hold monthly meetings, produce a monthly Newsletter, usually hold an annual Exhibition, and liaise with RPS in the UK on behalf of Australian members.

The great developments in communications technology are now making it possible for members across Australia to keep in touch and participate in our activities much more easily than previously. With this in mind we are planning to expand our program so that members in all States may get added benefits.

We welcome contact from RPS members everywhere. So if you are visiting Melbourne and would like to come along to a Chapter meeting, please do get in touch. You'll be assured of a warm welcome.