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Approaching the age of Seventy I have found my “job of a lifetime”. Guest Lecturer in Photography for Cruise & Maritime on their Cruise Ships.

My interest in Photograph and Travel date back to my childhood. Both my Farther and Grandfather had cameras and encourage my interest in the subject. Constructing pinhole cameras developing film and prints myself by the age of 12. My first professional commission was the wedding of a neighbours daughter when I was only 14. I did not realise that it was a professional undertaking (I got paid for it) and I was too young to understand that some people got married in a hurry. (How things have changed – I have gone digital now). No one in the family understands where my interest in boats and travel stems from but as a young boy my Grandad used to take to the Thames every summer holiday. I spent hours looking at the big ships sailing to and from places I could only imagine.

But here I am now cruising many destinations and taking photographs of many varied subjects, meeting lots of very interesting people and for me most importantly for me I am researching many new subjects and photo techniques and so enjoying learning once again. My desire to join the RPS is a direct result of being offered this opportunity. I felt that I needed somewhere to belong and when I uncovered the existence of a Special Interest Group in Travel Photography my application for membership was not in any doubt.

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