Schools Certificate

Will Price-Lockyer

Although photography isn’t taught in all schools, and those that do don’t always teach it as a GCSE, it is important that we recognise and promote the role that it plays, not only within the teaching of the arts but across the curriculum.

Photography is embedded in every day life and never more so than with younger people who spend more and more time visually documenting and publishing events and non-events in their lives.  Studying photography and making photographs helps them understand the complexities of an image and develop the skills to read, question and understand its meaning; along with the capacity to simply stop, look then analyse what they are seeing and/or what they are trying to say.

We currently offer the opportunity to young photographers to enter RPS competitions and apply for bursaries but there is much more we could do.  In the future we will be offering training, materials and opportunities to support photography and art teachers.  We also want to reward those students who excel in their GCSE Photography exams by awarding them an RPS Certificate in Photography; this is already available.

If you are a teacher or know of any school teaching photography at GCSE level, please let them know about our schools certificate.  It’s free and has already proved a hit with the students who received theirs this year.

For further information please contact:

Liz Williams
Education Manager
+44 (0)117 3164480 

Image © Will Price-Lockyer, A* student from Crispin School Somerset