Joan Wakelin Bursary

Administered by The Society in partnership with The Guardian. The Joan Wakelin Bursary offers £2000 for the production of a photographic essay on an overseas social documentary issue.

This Bursary is now closed. It will open again in 2018. The information below is for reference only.

This bursary remembers Lancashire born photojournalist and Fenton Medalist Joan Wakelin Hon FRPS, who left behind her an impressive body of work.

Applications are open to all, of any age or nationality, and entry is free of charge.

The successful applicant will have their photoessay published in the Guardian and RPS Journal the following Spring.

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Joan Wakelin Matilda Temperley

2016 Recipient

From August 2017 of The RPS Journal

The Joan Wakelin Bursary aided Matilda Temperley’s compelling study of Ghanaian communities tackling the stigma of leprosy.

Aug 2017
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John Gallo

2015 Recipient

From June 2016 of The RPS Journal

John Gallo - on the people of Ria Formosa in the Algarve, Portugal who are going to be deprived of their homes.

Jun 2016
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Manuela Henao

2014 Recipient Feature 2

From August 2015 of The RPS Journal

Manuela Henao Restrepo discusses her Bursary project - a second feature on the 2014 recipient.

Aug 2015
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Beauties by Manuela Henao

2014 Recipient

From March 2015 of The RPS Journal

Manuela Henao Restrepo discusses her Bursary project.

Mar 2015
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Eleri Griffiths

2013 Recipient

From May 2014 of The RPS Journal

Eleri Griffiths - how do you turn bees into shoes? Eleri Griffiths went to Africa to find out.

May 2014
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